Starling Bank Hackathon 2017 Winner

MedCity Collaborate 2 Innovate 2017 Winner

AXA PPP Health Tech & You 2017 Wow! Award Finalist

DementiaHack 2015 Grand Prize Winner

MABLE – Make a Better Life Everyday

MABLE is a comprehensive Care Management System for people under care and their caregivers to connect, get organized, reminisce and stay safe.

While the users interact with MABLE in their daily lives, data is being collected.

Researchers can than use that data to further care and dementia research.


Family Care

MABLE Interface

MABLE is a Care Management System for people under care and their caregivers to connect, get organized, reminisce, and stay safe. While there are apps that look to solve the individual challenges of people under care, MABLE is a comprehensive, ‘all-in-one’ solution that can grow as needs change and technology advances

Data & Research

MABLE Data Views

When users interact with MABLE, rich data is collected. As more and more families use MABLE, researchers will have access to the ‘big data’ they need to deepen their understanding of dementia and ultimately improve the lives of those living with and affected by dementia.

Our Team

The MABLE team came together to challenge Dementia, each other, and a 30hr time limit on November 7-8, 2015.

We are an experienced team of designers, business people, and technologists with a passion for changing the world!

Lori Hoinkes

Lori Hoinkes


Dominic Taylor

Dominic Taylor

COO, Experienced MedTech Operations and Commercialization

Rodney Hoinkes

Rodney Hoinkes

Chairman, Experienced Entrepreneur with a Passion for designing the future

Jack Borunov

Jack Borunov

Head of Development

Aleksandr Korsukov

Aleksandr Korsukov

Head of Architecture

Latest blogs

MABLE FinCare – Starling Bank Hackathon Winner

MABLE FinCare Starling Bank Hackathon

The Starling Hackathon last weekend proved a big success with many inspiring ideas coming out of the participants — from Messenger chatbots to spending incentive tools. But it was duo Rodney Hoinkes of MABLE and Wayne Blacklock from ForgeRock who took the top prize for their creation MABLE Fincare: helping people under care and their carers manage their finances.

We talked to Rodney to find out what he and Wayne do, a deeper dive into the MABLE Fincare concept and what their Starling Hackathon experience was like. Read More

MABLE Selected – MedCity Collaborate 2 Innovate Winners Announced!


Winners announced for £2m programme to commercialise life sciences discoveries

A cure for pancreatic cancer, virtual reality rehabilitation, data-driven robotic surgery, and futuristic wound-healing technology are just four of the 16 projects selected for MedCity’s ‘Collaborate to Innovate’ programme.

The £2m programme, led by King’s College London and part-funded by ERDF and HEFCE, is connecting 16 life sciences SMEs with leading academics to address a specific challenge related to their product or service. They will be working with academics at King’s College London, Imperial College London, Queen Mary University of London, and University College London to develop and commercialise their innovations. Read More

MABLE Carer – the future of ambient carer learning in context

MABLE Carer is a mobile App providing ambient contextual learning to carers. The first application will be focused upon Dementia Carers. MABLE Carer monitors live conversations between the carer and person under care (through speech recongition and eventually audio analysis), processes that through a custom-developed Natural Language Classifier and uses the resultant classification to provide immediate in-depth and contextually relevant learnings. Through this mechanism Carers can naturally learn to adapt to the challenges of Dementia care in-situ with less risk of escalation.

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Introducing MABLE – Summary

MABLE – Make A Better Life Everyday

MABLE is a comprehensive Care Management System for people under care and their caregivers to connect, get organized, reminisce, and stay safe. While many apps are looking to solve individual challenges of Older Adults and those with Dementia, the complexity of ‘apps’, ‘operating systems’, and the distinct interfaces to each can be overwhelming for even the most tech-savvy older adults. MABLE is an ‘all-in-one’ solution that can grow as technology advances and personal needs change.

MABLE is a also a powerful research platform for supporting and empowering the next generation of Healthcare Research through comprehensive data gathering capabilities. Our first focused healthcare area is Dementia.

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CBC News – Dementia is not an individual’s disease, it’s something that can tear families apart

On the radio, Spark airs on CBC Radio on Dec 6th 2015 at 1:05PM EST

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