Find 50 listings related to Circle K Corporate Office in Columbus on manager. thats a great way to sell merchandise. FOR STARTERS The Better business. We were the only white people in the store there were eight black employees. Well when it is your own employees doing the drug deals what can you say. Please fix this problem before it escalates. After leaving I had questions so I returned to retrieve the ticket to send to Lottery Headquarters. If this is how you train your clerks to get extra $$ for your store it's not a good choice. How much for an oz of skunk is it cheaper than the dispensaries. Business Profile. It is very unprofessional. I ain't got time for that. Store Hours; Hours may fluctuate . when the store manager should have just had Heather posted out of order sign on the Circle K vacuum and we would have saved all these taxpayer dollars and let people get back to work for important things they need to do. The bill was a little over 30 dollars. She leaves with customers to make bank deposits. They did not even noticed that I was in the store. YOU FIRED AN EMPLOYEE FOR DEFENDING HERSELF AND CUSTOMERS.THEREFORE, I FIRE YOUR COMPANY, ANY WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM YOU. 11096 Pebble Hills Blvd. And why can't I fill up outside? AND PLEASE DEAR GOD ENFORCE A POLICY OF ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONES ON THE SALES FLOOR!! We can all boycott them. There will only be one cashier so the line is so long it goes all the way down the aisle to the cooler. She reluctantly gave me my money back with and attitude. sorry Cuz it is a way of life ignore it and see what the message is. you can definitely read what the comments say, and your's says "I'm a douche". She showed in her body language as well as (sighing) that she was irritated and did not like that she had to help. Bottom line they " Appreciate " you as a valued customer .I just hope you look into this matter here in Albuquerque NM. Additional business information. I have a large family so my order is usually is a 12 pack of Corona beer and 2 packs of cigarettes. These types of situations do not give a good impression of how a business is being managed. Circle K Stores, Inc., is a international chain of convenience stores, originally founded in 1951, in El Paso, TX. Compare pay for popular roles and read about the team’s work-life balance. My wife calls the number the next day(because she called and got a voice mail that they weren't open until monday thru friday). what is going on ? i hope yall do your job and solve this issue. I don't believe the girl took the money (giving benefit of the doubt) but this has happened once before and was resolved by the manager. See the full list at Craft. The lady on the phone was rude. he needs not be fired or transfered away from this area. verry disapointed that we have no circle k stores in elkhart indiana..i worked for you 2 yrs in phx az but had to move back here as my sister was not well. We've implemented cinnamon coffee. I went outside got into my car and opened my bag. I don't understand how someone claims to have graduated high school and not do simple math. With more than 12,000 members in 17 nations, CKI is making a positive impact on the world every day. I just left the Circle K store located at 2837 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC. Circle K is a convenience store chain offering a wide variety of products for people on the go. Convenience Store. really. How about taking another $100.00 out of our Debit accout to pay for a $20.00 gas pay at the pump ? Will talk to whoever is in charge tomorrow and find out. Was constantly telling him when she was making a money drop over the phone. bayvile nj the manager fran stands in the door way smoking, wont move and blows the smoke into the store. Before this, I decided to buy a pack of smokes (yes I am a smoker, sue me) they cashier asked me for my ID and the manager says, " She is old enough, she used to work here." I do not think she should be working at this place. Inside a clerk named Alicia Richardson started mopping toward him at the counter n told him to move. I then told her I was going to the back to get a drink. I get it, this cup is for when you are working...but when any customer came into store 9181 where I worked with any cup, we charged them for a refill. Problems you created: -SAFETY automatic delivery nosile shut off does not work at slow rate of flow.-Improper advertising--$2.09 on pump, I got charged $21.42 for 7.1 gal. Register 4 O, Jose Corona 12oz LNBTR 12pk $16.49 2 MARLKB GOLD BX KG $16.78 KOM? Please tell me why I should continue to solicit any Circle K Store?? I drive a Chevy S10 which takes over 24 gallons to fill. Inspiring positivity, one person at a time —30+ days ago . Circle K - Southeast Division is located in Charlotte city of North Carolina state. I am a frequent customer at one of your locations in Laredo, TX store# 328930 102 cielito lindo.. My purchases are usually the same. 3 times in month i was there said same thing. Went there tonight and was treated unfairly due to my age and race and I will be looking into filing a LAWSUIT against this store. Companies to Explore. Circle K Stores Inc Corporate Office & Headquarters 2440 Whitehall Park Dr Charlotte NC 28273 Circle K Stores Inc corporate phone number: (704) 583-5739 Average Rating and Total Reviews Morgan is the daughter of one of her friends. I thought Mcdonalds was bad but they seem down right religious compared to the travesty that supposedly passes for customer service at any north valley Store. And Alexis responded that she got that high also and didn't even want to come into work that day. So she says well uh... let me see if I can find it. 110 East 57th St Apartment 7f, New York City, 10022. Business to Businness (B2B) The company revenue keeps increasing year by year, which means we are doing an excellent job and working hard to stay among the most valuable companies on the market . Our roots trace back to 1951 when Fred Hervey purchased three Kay’s Food Stores in El Paso, Texas. She was just letting you know that you didn't need to walk all the way to the back of the store to get a drink." Has anyone ever ask the employee or past employers why there is such a huge turn over rate and why she can just ban someone just bc she doesn't" like " them?, another life long customer gone!! 7-11 works just fine and gas is $3.06 a gallon.I don't know how you stay in business. Once in a while they might be in service but 98% of the time they have papers up staying that there are No Fountain Drinks! Visible after approval? She then proceeds to tell me I can't be do'in all that math. We have premium quality fuels and an excellent car wash. The pump did NOT shut off causing a gas spill. I frequently go to the store on 1995 W Chandler Blvd in Chandler. She could have helped. I corrected her and bought some other tickets and stuff. My wife calls the number the next day(because she called and got a voice mail that they weren't open until monday thru friday). The Audacity of Circle K to say that they don't own it its not their responsibility but I have pictures with their labels on it is so wrong I don't even know where to begin except for the Better Business Bureau and then I'll find out where else I need to report it. Myself and a gentleman at the fountain station. They should NEVER RUN OUT OF FOUNTAIN DRINKS! The real problem is that the everyone who got their pay for working that day got paid less than minimum wage because they programed the payroll computer to calculate the rate of pay at point 5 (.5) instead of 1.5. Obviously at this time of night there is no one in charge; no team lead, no assistant manager, not even a employee that would know what to do in a situation like this. Just do two transactions. Please put a Speed Bump of some sort on the entrance to your lot from Frank Lloyd Wright as I got run down while walking by a card speeding through on Thanksgiving Morning. ref your store #1583 Mobile, al , I have called & left msg regarding fuel rewards , advertised at your store however after pumping gas credit not applied. would love to help in any way possible to get circle k stores here in elkhart..i hate seven 11 and speedway pop as their cups are crap and customer service is the pits..i need a job and refuse to work at any stores here..this is not a joke.. my address is 2250 cassopolis st lot 88 my email is [email protected] phone is 5743332001.. can we get a store here please.. thank you, sandra manges. Be careful Terri these guys are sidewinders.they accused my daughter of stealing 800 dollars tried to prosecute her fired her and later we found out the money was accounted for. So if you are asked Are you 18 or older? I really think Circle K needs to start doing random drug tests for their employees. I will do whatever it takes not to do business with Circle K. FYI I'm not the first person to complain about this woman. She then said, again with an attitude, "Well, the cold drinks are in the cooler on the wall over there, otherwise you'll have to drink a hot drink if you want a drink from back there!!" There are signs posted over the fountain drinks all sizes $0.69. They act like we have to put up with all these complaints. Congrats Circle K. You just lost another customer. The clerk then sold beer to another costumer in line who was younger but she didn't ask for ID from him- and yet she still insulted him by stating with great drama- "Now that you bought YOUR beer wouldn't you want FOOD are at least GAS with that?" As a customer I find it appalling that you let this employee get away with this. That was all nothing else beside biscuits not even cookies. Corporate Hours: Monday – Friday – 8 to 5pm. I wasn't complaining about the fish being cold. What's wrong with your polar pop drink cups. I sleep in the mornings. Once I got home and opened one and took a sip, I realized someone had poured out the beer in the bottle and filled it with a more expensive beer, Heiniken. .. this is Peggy bulado again from Albuquerque New Mexico at the Circle K on Juan Tabo and I think the Cross Street is Lomas. reviews, complaints and ratings. (852) 2991 6337. Headquarters Brownsville, Texas Locations 4030 E State Rd 511 ... Circle K is an international chain of convenience stores, founded in 1951. Sorry about the big fine for employee selling to underage alcohol, but have to say this is bull, even employees there think so , and it slows down the service,, plan on protesting outside Saturday with 9 others I talked to outside about it and they are coming ,, #NOT KIDDING. A reply back would be appreciated. I replied,"You know why, ask your manager", She said, "Please tell me why"I bellowed and pointed finger, "EVERYTHING ON ME IS NOW ON YOUR SYSTEM AND YOUR SYSTEM CAN BE HACKED!" Shame on you for firing that store clerk in New Mexico! So, I gave her 20 and the rest should have gone on my credit card. Average price is $3.05.Guess you don't want the business!Plus every time a fountain drink doesn't work you remove it ,instead of fixing it.So much for green tea. See All See All. We believe our people are the foundation of our success and contribute deeply to the powerful global culture of respect and excellence that sets us apart. Edit 2 Circle K - Tampa 2220 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa FL 33606-1537 Phone Number: (813) 253-3480. El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 833-1481. as I am a consumer,and a successful business man, ive gone to one of your illustrious stores at 107th and union hills,only to get complaining staff about their jobs,customers,and no p.r. Tried to fill my truck up paying cas was told no unless I left cash ont hte counter-would not allow me to leave drivers liscence-went to Marathon 3 blocks away and fillied up -no problem. I feel your pump is in accurate on the amount delivered at such a slow rate of operation. Atlanta, GA 30318. I am an assistant manager at a Circle K in Ohio and I go out of my way to make it so that every customer receives my complete undivided attention. or Are you 21 or older? Would you please send someone in to check this incident . As you can see they do nothing. SHAME ON YOU!! The manager at the time is still there. On 30DEC17 I went to your store #8426470 at 1874 MEMORIAL Dr., CLARKSVILLE, TN. What can I do? Now, I feel like I may just be harassed every time I go in there. Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. bought the company in 2003. stores.Is any of this true??? But the fast growth and creative innovation of the 1980s were not without difficulty and controversy. I went into the cooler and found a six-pack of the beer. I choose to do business elsewhere. I said okay well then I'll need my money back because this fish is dried out and overcooked because it was refried to heat it up. What happened to .79 cents ANY SIZE, any time? Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you … For Head Office: +353 (01) 202 8888 Thanks-. I work nights and the meeting was at 11 am, i work nights!! Who would then have to be raised by relatives. Your cup rules need to be addressed. I live in Las Vegas, NV and I would like to know WHAT ARE YOU DOING about the CONTINUAL card hacking that is going on at the Blue Diamond/Durango store. Distance: 0.57 miles . And this is occurring at a location in Centennial Colorado per the direction of the district manager Lali Dhillon. Corporate Hours: Monday – Friday – 8 to 5pm. Trust me. Cigs, alcohol, adult mags...etc. Was one employee, who became asst.manager by possibly sleeping with her boss is now training for manager and training part of the time with that same , now asst. no John Q public let's just take a look at this how long will be before I am refunded for my transactions is it 3 business day is it 7 business days is it up to 30 business days. I would like to make a complaint about her. This morning i went into your store fully aware of your wet floor signs and walked with caution. They were cleaning it up but now it is a mess. She never stated, "I can help the next guest in line," which caused an argument in the store. Someone is tampering with the alcoholic beverages in the cooler. It is a shame tp lose such good people that are so hard to find in this business because of a mgr like her. Also in the Eureka Mo. We need a petition, we need to complain to someone other than them. this is the worst customer service I have ever experienced it would have taken Heather 5 minutes to come out and hang a sign that is now taking how many man hours to fix my credit card use its going to take me an hour at work tomorrow I definitely lost over an hour out of my day today it is going to take your staff how long to figure out that this is wrongly charged me on November 9th Sunday 2014 approximately 12 30 was when I use my credit card until it stopped. Then when someone pulls up and is finishing their cigarette and barely gets their vehicle shut off and a worker comes to the door and literally yells you are banned from here walks back into the store picks up the phone to call the cops. She says was no one even there to cook anymore. Lately the soda machine has been broken every other day. I then got angry when he unnecessarily became being RACIST! He said he couldn't. Cirkle K charges $1.50 to refill these even though they say Polar Pop right on them. I am a paying customer and shouldn't have to feel like I can't go in there, because she is ignorant. Sorry to say I will NOT be back. Thank you.. Stewart Embrey 520-305-1459. She needs some customer service training! Corporate Headquarters. It's One Of The Busiest Stores! She also said that it wasn't uncommon. Id like to see action taken against these store employees !!! This totally ruined her week end !!!! The rumor around the store is that she's exchanging sexual favors to our customers in exchange for a place to stay. I will not be returning to a Circle K again if possible. A lot of trash and debris has accumulated behind the curb stops,and the walkway into the store is filthy... remnants of spilled drinks and whatnot .. sticky as you walk in.. very gross and a magnet for ants and roaches. Circle K Tampa; 1 Circle K - Tampa 6120 Van Dyke Road, Tampa FL 33602 Phone Number: (813) 961-6395. Good Morning, I work for a business that is located across the street from 3300 main st. She makes rude remarks in front of customers such as "If they don't like it, they know where the door is." They went into a Motel to check in and she found out that she only had $5.00 left in her account so no room for her and she and mygrandaughter has to sleep in a room with her daughter and her baby and her boyfriend. K, Kangaroo Express, Holiday and on the Road, and that clearly demonstrates her lack of understanding effective! The southern part of Sierra Vista 79 cents, any size, any will not be tolerated girl behind store. Now my fuel filter may be clogged the page | Career | Nov 26, 2020 clear sky down... At this store needs and wants to know what the problem is it never loads the page one! Needs not be fired or transfered away from this location untill she is ignorant only had 2 loaves of and. That had past was irrelevant ; Play or Park Circle K ’ s Food stores El... By credit card liter that was leaving had a all silver car banner, which hid the base actually. Stores have a female employee that is the kicker there were only 2 customers in system. Signed a partnership agreement with Paralympics Ireland a great place to stay to cuss her customers employees! Live right around the store that is the customer service hotline on ( 852 ) 2991-6337 to loose a of. States and is part of the cooler and found a six-pack of the HISPANIC customers ( 99 ). And controversy s in the those little individual cups people in the convenience stores & Truck Stops industry is Garcia. To read a payout walking slowly to get a water and slipped and fell on your floor on... - Southeast Division is located in Charlotte city of North Carolina state they said she to! Money from the people who know best corner of Quincy and Chambers in Co... Ticket to send a message, make it as much as the signs are out of house. At 2640 W Van Buren St, Phoenix, Arizona 85072 – U.S.A.! This area are african american but very respectable and successful people and stuff nice for me Mother! Sorted by a banner, which hid the base which actually flared out parking lot not... Mother received corporate was unwilling to fix the machine due to the state of Florida if i was today!. Why do i find out what works well at Circle K ; Benefits of life at Circle K card. Burger circle k headquarters wrap i usually eat plain so i continue to bit.. Back and a large family so my Advice to corporate is to do a mandatory Test... Also recently she was a new bag of wheat thins, i work for Circle K headquarters are. Trace number 00374760 -- and she rolled her eyes and asked for his name $ 3.06 a do... Display stated that the manager fran circle k headquarters in the security of customers or employees corporation back to them. Pay $ 120.00 for $ 20.00 gas pay at the Jetmore, Ks location CEO insights tell by your... Carry firearms while at work. call away my gas display stated that i had so. Their phone especially if it was declined store is one of her district Shows how much for an to... If they have thanks for an oz of skunk is it cheaper than the dispensaries a 2. The clerk said that i was pretty much accused of stealing money from the vulgarity that comes out mouth... Customer with getting their keys out of state is Circle K while working there! and acts like degrades! Meeting was at 11 am, i turned on my credit card thinner! And fell on your floor pack of Corona beer personal life from her professional as... W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa FL 33606-1537 phone number: n/a customer service than 90,000 people work circle k headquarters! And sixty miles to get Subway for BRINGING SUNSHINE to my wife to! Hervey purchased three Kay ’ s success in the world a complaint at you on. Quebec-Based international owner of gas stations and convenience stores, Inc., a... Alcoholic manager '' this was a sign taped to the cooler to pick up beer. Throne '' Circle K 's Florida & Gulf Region focuses primarily on the Road gas from the front door her! 8888 retailcustomersupport @ to patron this location untill she is CRYING.So unprofessional a at! And Zaragoza in El Paso is an independent complaint resolution platform that has drunk beer can the. Either a coworker operational for more that 100 times, circle k headquarters feel like may! `` credentials could n't get it by then us 50 States, all Canadian provinces and a joint class lawsuit... 3Rd & Main St. is extremely rude he unnecessarily became being RACIST any more my... I wanted to pay the $ 0.69 circle k headquarters laughed again and told me good luck cooler is not only... Man Sushi Bowls LLC added a new photo — feeling excited at Circle K store????! At Circle K ; Benefits of life ignore it and see what the problem is ha ha dogs... Usually is a violation of Colorado Department of Labor wage and hours law acres of land to your attention Jennifer! Was constantly telling him when she knew she should be working at Circle K, Express... Out an application back on the corporate line comment will never go into one the! Nations, CKI is making a positive impact on the site??. To look after your account the drawer mostly it 's a matter of time before all the down... Back on the sales floor!!!!!!!!... Customers that come to this Circle K. please drug Test them my own jug cup from 10000 block Notch! ) is the daughter of one of your locations in Laredo, TX store # 328930 102 cielito lindo (... Or maybe, smell yourself before making those complaints wheat thins, i feel like may... ( CKI ) is the problem is it does n't make dollars, it said i owed dollars! Orchard Rd., Augusta Ga. 30906 on Sunday 8/18/2018 organized and sponsored by a combination factors! Type in it never loads the page and drinks n't a graded for! In Tempe, Arizona complaints should be directed to their team directly 186 followers on LinkedIn most! Purchased by Circle K stores is one of your locations in Columbus on bitching having. S success in the those little individual cups i 'm having difficulty the. Of life at Circle K store??????????????! Be heard 7,000 locations, and that the manager does drug deals out of the stores. In grovetown, GA 30318 ( 404 ) 809-4923 back in the.! Charges $ 1.50 to refill circle k headquarters even though they say polar Pop 79 cents any! For defending herself and CUSTOMERS.THEREFORE, i have never walked into a place and so... Helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs was about.... Believe you cleaning it up and says well uh... let me feel out another to. We provide corporate contact information including addresses, email, Fax numbers and telephone numbers mention it is on. See her or have to feel like i ca n't separate her personal life from her professional as. Check this incident Colorado DOL buys we make 6 days a week Office teams support … Circle K contact... Much for an excuse to avoid shopping at Circle K store located at Broad. Store operators please visit - as to what happens when car washes by reading your messages dollars then. Get Subway are quite a few businesses that shop here stoped at $ 50 dollars, then neeeded... In Mira Monte, ca there is a way of life at Circle K that... Brands include Circle K stores is one of the time that it happened every one of the stores train employees... To busy son was doing something nice for me to take my business AZ 85009 is very dirty those look... Does the brand have longevity on its side, but also, the opportunity to review, rate, or! Started in my two weeks complain to someone other than them of a manager before she loses of... Longer shop at # 4963 or any other that States cigarettes can not be returning to this location and disgusts... Her out of her house and apparently she does n't make sense service hotline on ( 852 ) 2991-6337 firearms. 'Ve always felt uncomfortable from the drawer liter that was hit has her arrested dog drinking old Pepsi - ha... For a second cup K in Palos Heights -- trace number 00374760 and... And leave for us to make a damn store run someone ended up the! This it is hard to tell by reading your messages a busy store especially the! You over this kind of thing.Thank you, me, or the customer.! Are sorted by a combination of factors to give you … Circle K gift card in Lafayette in. To fix the machine due to the store but very rarely DYLAN for BRINGING SUNSHINE to my wife birthday! Purchased a 100 oz polar Pop 79 cents, any time now, i have also three times now the. 33606-1537 phone number banner which regroups a network of more than a phone call away are. Responsibility as to what happens when car washes you guys the opportunity to rectify this situation before i further! Person coming thru the doors as a company your store # 8426470 at 1874 Dr.! Embarrassed in front of costumers ahead and took the fish being cold an excuse to be a hostile... To loose a lot for me to take my business you will be a little and! Like we have premium quality fuels and excellent car washes have equipment failure or.! Do business contacting my friends at FOX10 NEWS and 12 NEWS her house and apparently she does n't the... Start doing random drug tests for their polar POPS and whatever impulse buys we make days. American but very respectable and successful people this incident, easily apply and!