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MABLE FinCare – Starling Bank Hackathon Winner

Rodney Hoinkes Caregiver, Carer, Finance, FinCare, JIT Banking, Open Banking April 15, 2017 Leave a reply

MABLE FinCare Starling Bank Hackathon

The Starling Hackathon last weekend proved a big success with many inspiring ideas coming out of the participants — from Messenger chatbots to spending incentive tools. But it was duo Rodney Hoinkes of MABLE and Wayne Blacklock from ForgeRock who took the top prize for their creation MABLE Fincare: helping people under care and their carers manage their finances.

We talked to Rodney to find out what he and Wayne do, a deeper dive into the MABLE Fincare concept and what their Starling Hackathon experience was like. Read More