Graft and Corruption: On Olives and Olive Culture in the Pre-Modern Mediterranean." We all resonate to truth, and there’s a very great deal in Islam that Mormons would recognize as true. A series of prophets followed, calling to repentance and, when apostasy distorted authentic teachings, restoring the truth. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Amid the swirl of current judgments regarding Muslims and their religion, this book by Daniel Peterson offers a concise, objective, accessible biography of the first Muslim. I love Qur’an 5:48, which I’ll quote in my own quick translation. He loves people and stimulating discussion. But for those who have felt the “burning in the bosom” that you discount, and that know it is real and that such wording is simply an expression from scripture used to convey some meaning of the feeling of the power of the Holy Spirit within a person’s soul, it conveys truth and certainty better than any science or philosophizing by a million times. Why on earth should Lutherans oppose it? Also, Dr. Peterson’s response is copied below. (I had a life-size poster on my dorm wall of Albert Einstein riding a bicycle.) Dr. Peterson was born and raised in Fargo. But we should be aware of what we don’t actually know — which is considerable; in this life, we “see through a glass, darkly” (1 Corinthians 13:12) — and, where appropriate, we should candidly acknowledge it. I could go on and on, but I think my point is reasonably clear. In this paper from the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, Latter-day Saint scholar Daniel C. Peterson explores research on the presence of Asherah, the divine consort of El (God), in both Israelite and Canaanite religious traditions from 1000-500 B.C. (See Moroni 10:3-5.) Dan is right in league with such notables as Hugh Nibley and Robert J. Matthews, in my estimation. — we headed off to Egypt, where I studied at the American University in Cairo and she was fortunate enough to land a job teaching at Cairo American College. 60 talking about this. The reality is, the evidence really does justify honest and careful, fully informed and legitimate negative conclusions about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and Mormonism. Some will conclude that no answer is to be had, or that there is an answer and that it’s lethal to the claims of the Restoration. My own current role in apologetics is both to be an apologist myself and to use whatever capabilities I have to support, publish, and distribute the apologetic work of others. Our eldest son was born there in Cairo. The fact is, though, that only a relatively small minority of the world’s Muslims are violent or violence-supporting extremists. . I’m like the stereotypical kid in a toy store. I understand that it’s often necessary to try to refute or neutralize criticisms, but I find it a great deal more gratifying to be able to lay out positive reasons for belief. Such rules regularly remind us (and others) of who we are. Daniel C. Peterson. Indeed, we need only think for a moment about the sheer improbability of the whole thing to begin to see its miraculous character. William Hamblin has always brought surprising insights to his work on Mormonism. Gee, John, and Daniel C. Peterson. " I don’t think it a coincidence that my doctoral dissertation focused on the cosmological theories of an eleventh-century Arabic Neoplatonist philosopher.). Peterson is the first and current editor-in-chief of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture. The world’s variety provides us, again, an unspeakably rich menu of choices. View Daniel C. Steenerson, CLU’S profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. (He passed away some years ago, but you can still see portions of an interview with him in a film that’s shown at temple open houses; he’s talking, approvingly, of the Latter-day Saint practice of vicarious baptism for the dead.). Shelama, You are welcome to your opinion of what the evidence indicates and if it doesn’t convince you, and you prefer not to believe in a supreme being, you will not find yourself forced to do so and you can live your life as you choose, and hopefully, as you say, without hurting anybody. (Plus a Second Chance). It is as simple as that. Name: Daniel C Peterson, Phone number: (319) 254-2265, State: IA, City: Mt Pleasant, Zip Code: 52641 and more information Posted by: Rob Bowman in Mormonism, theology In a recent blog piece entitled “ On the Alleged Indeterminacy of Mormon Doctrine,” LDS scholar Daniel C. Peterson argues that “that Mormon doctrine is impossible to pin down.” Not so, according to Peterson. All is well in Zion. After returning from Egypt — where we ended up staying for four years (punctuated by summer trips home) rather than the initial plan of merely one year — I completed a doctorate in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Had God willed, he could have made you one community. We who have been blessed with the Gospel should never think that that blessing, in itself, proves us better than others. John Gee is the scholar most prominently working on the Book of Abraham. Another widespread misconception — it’s all too easy, unfortunately, to see how it has arisen — is that all Muslims, at least the devout and serious ones—are violent, intolerant, and hate Christians. I arrived at BYU as a mathematics major, dreaming rather vaguely of being a cosmologist. I am in the “have” (many times) category, and won’t give it up for all the unenlightened and uninspired reasoning in the world. As long as Mormonism can adapt to a Jesus who never comes back, it’ll do just fine. Or whether or not it’s false? Later, after his baptism, he told me that it was his reading of Hugh Nibley that began to plant the notion in his mind that, in fact, Mormonism might actually be true. I have, myself. Daniel Peterson is the president and chairman of the board of the Interpreter Foundation, a scholar of Islam, and the founding editor of the Middle Eastern Texts Initiative. There are so many glittering things to look at and to try! Welcome! Moreover, as to feeling the Spirit in a mosque (or a cathedral or a synagogue), I think that genuine devotion sanctifies a place. Scholar explores era, events that help shape modern religions in ‘Crucible of Faith’, foundation for ancient research and mormon studies, jerusalem center for near eastern studies. First, he said, don’t go immediately to its enemies to learn about another religion or philosophy. Furthermore, Daniel C. Peterson and Stephen D. Ricks have addressed this charge in their book Offenders for a Word: How Anti-Mormons Play Word Games to Attack the Latter-day Saints. It is, in fact, closely related to the familiar Hebrew word Elohim. They have also lived in Winchester, CA and Sacramento, CA. On the C-SPAN Networks: Daniel C. Peterson is an Author with one video in the C-SPAN Video Library; the first appearance was … Many in Sweden wanted to know the position of the Swedish Lutheran Church on the controversy, so Rev. Or BYU-NMI. To admitting that there remain questions for which we have no definitive answer? ), Even if some Mormon intellectuals like to pretend that those Mormon burning bosom feelings (or whatever your religious or “spiritual” experience) are really more than just “feelings.”. The third result is Donna A Peterson age 40s in San Diego, CA in the Rancho Bernardo neighborhood. Could you tell us about the book you are working on dealing with Latter-day Saints and Islam? Select this result to view Daniel C … Daniel C. Peterson. I’ve experienced feelings of “holy envy” — they come to me as, in a sense, gentle rebukes for my own failings — with regard to such things as the Orthodox Jewish love of the Sabbath, so very different from the cold and unreasonable legalism that I had grown up imagining it to be, and Roman Catholic respect for the priesthood, which sharply reminds me that I too often take my own ordination for granted. And having such reasons can also help believers themselves at moments when they may be feeling distant from the Spirit — as we all do, at points during our lives — or when they’re being challenged by critics or doubters. I also serve as president and chairman of the board of the Interpreter Foundation (see and, which publishes weekly articles in its online journal, records podcasts, publishes the occasional book and convenes the occasional conference, has now launched a regular Sunday evening radio program (at 7PM on Salt Lake City’s K-Talk, 1640 AM), and has begun to enter into film production. I actually think that Latter-day Saints do rather well in terms of making their faith a part of daily life rather than merely something taken care of during a few hours on Sunday. Before we begin, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your involvement with Islamic studies and Mormon apologetics? And some of those who had once accepted those claims eventually abandoned them. Jeffrey Mark Bradshaw, often using a framework derived from Latter-day Saint temple worship, brings extraordinary fresh perspectives to the study of the scriptures. So, anyway, I eventually focused on classical Greek and philosophy at BYU. (So I never had to endure the extremely competitive academic “meat market.”). Here’s an analogy:  Two or three generations ago, many Latter-day Saints were upset with Juanita Brooks for her willingness to pursue the evidence where it led with regard to the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre. People knew that she was committed to the truth, and, therefore, that she wasn’t simply trying to protect Brigham. I’ve read Daniel Peterson for years, listened to him speak and even had a few brief visits. Tolerance is essential, of course. What is the role of saying, “We don’t know,” in apologetics? Great quick synopsis about a great man. Dr. Peterson approved the posting of his response to my e-mail. I joined the BYU faculty as a part-time instructor, working on my dissertation, in the fall of 1985. [7] I mention this only in passing, since I wish to address the more egregiously erroneous claims made by Hulse. Almost immediately thereafter — she was very brave and trusting! My stay in St. George over this long holiday weekend has been a nostalgic one, in some ways. The Lord is no respecter of persons, and he honors those who genuinely, sincerely seek him — as many Muslims plainly do. They believe in a God who created the Earth purposefully, in order to test us. I’m fascinated with the research that Brian Stubbs has been pursuing on seeming ancient influence of Semitic and Egyptian languages on the Uto-Aztecan languages of the New World. The declining activity rate within the Mormon church may finally level off at 20-25%, but that’s enough. Donna is related to Feliciano C Ascano and Omar E Batuhan as well as 3 additional people. Matthew Bowen has been publishing arresting work on apparent Hebrew word plays in the Book of Mormon. But I always had maternal relatives here, and we would visit them at least once or […], A few days ago, somebody — I meant to mark it, but I didn’t; I think it was  from Tracy Hall, but I haven’t been able to find it in order to be certain of that — kindly shared a little joke with me. Looking for books by Daniel C. Peterson? (Remove the masculine plural ending of that word, -im, and you’re left with Eloh-, which should make the similarity unmistakably obvious.). We too have restrictions, in the Word of Wisdom, that prohibit us from smoking, drinking, alcohol, and even partaking of coffee and tea. "This is the culmination of a long-term struggle between radically different visions for the future of the institute," Hamblin wrote on his blog. We should be seeking to benefit from the existence of others unlike ourselves, to learn from differences. And even about the burning bosom itself. Welcome back. Third — and, to me, most interestingly—he advised everybody to always leave room for what he called “holy envy.”  What do people in this other tradition do well? These prophets include such familiar figures as Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus. Danie Petersen in the US - 20 Public Records Found We found results for Danie Petersen in Billings, MT, Rapid City, SD and 51 other cities . Although Muslims deny the divinity of Christ, they do regard him as a sinless prophet, born of a virgin, who will return at the end of time as part of the Last Judgment. Those who haven’t experienced it don’t. As I grew up, though, and began to find the Gospel compelling, I wanted my father to be baptized. Daniel C. Peterson is a professor of Islamic studies and Arabic in the Department of Asian and Near Eastern Languages at Brigham Young University, and editor-in … A graduate of Fargo South High school and Concordia College, he completed dental school and his Orthodontic Residency at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. Mormonism will compete just fine with other proselytizing churches, especially in black Africa. Anti-theists dismiss it as woo-woo irrationality, as if their own belief system were the self-evidently true default position regarding God and immortality or as if, rather than being itself a faith […], Just up, in Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship, by Amanda Colleen Brown:   “Subtle Hebraic Features in the Book of Mormon” Review of Donald W. Parry, Preserved in Translation: Hebrew and Other Ancient Literary Forms in the Book of Mormon (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2020). Apologetics should not become combative, let alone exclusive and hateful. (And also about the Bible and Jesus and Christianity. And if, as I’ve heard, he called it for a Mormon chapel near the temple site, he was already tipping his hand. The second best result is Daniel C Petersen age 30s in West Newbury, MA. While religious truth is surely at least as important to women as to men, I worry that discussions about where it is to be found are too often aggressively male-driven and competitive, perhaps because they’re too often testosterone-fueled.). But then, more interestingly, he went on to lay out three principles for dealing with religions or worldviews different than our own. Daniel C. Peterson of BYU on YouTube James White , July 8, 2009 August 27, 2011 , Mormonism I just had this series of, well, non-videos by the folks over at “FAIR” (one of the least accurately named groups out there) pointed out to me on YouTube. January 17, 2021. Daniel Peterson in Florida. To read more from Daniel, visit his blog: Sic et Non. Or whether there really was an “empty tomb”? Peterson Brothers LLC filed as a Domestic in the State of California on Wednesday, July 30, 1997 and is approximately twenty-three years old, as recorded in documents filed with California Secretary of State. Part of my role, alas, is fundraising. I’m working on a substantial revision of Abraham Divided, which went through two editions with Aspen Books, but which hasn’t been revisited for roughly two decades or so. (We rarely claim a “slam dunk,” but there are some positions and arguments of which I’m very, very confident.). Your email address will not be published. Stendahl himself expressed envy for the Latter-day Saint idea of vicarious work for the dead, remarking that, while Mormons do this out of love for their ancestors and for others long gone, in his own tradition even great-grandparents are essentially forgotten, as if they never existed. What led you to initially pursue college degrees in Greek and Philosophy? In 1988, I believe, Jack Welch (aka John W. Welch) invited me to become formally involved with it. Some critics, accordingly, have contended that […], I’m just back from a rather long day devoted to three interviews with scholars, to be used in the docudrama that will accompany our Witnesses theatrical film. (The leaders of that now-defunct press requested the book from me.). It isn’t fair to say “You guys have Osama bin Laden, and we have Mother Teresa of Calcutta.”  Christendom has its villains, after all, and Islam has its saints. After graduation, wanting to spend some time in the Middle East, I participated in a BYU Jerusalem study abroad program led by my friend S. Kent Brown. In The Allegory of the Olive Tree: The Olive, the Bible, and Jacob 5, edited by Stephen D. Ricks and John W. Welch, 186-247. Islam has something on the order of 1.5 billion adherents; if all of them, or even a sizeable proportion of them, were really out to kill us, we would be in a much more grievous situation than, in fact, we are. And Sister Brooks, a believing member herself, said so. (I’ve never altogether lost my interest in them, though. Are there benefits associated with openly identifying the limits of research? On December 20th, 2006, Daniel C. Peterson posted the following on a Jewish Blog after the Jewish Community was in outrage over Mormons baptising Simon Wiesenthal: I would respond that we Latter-day Saints do, quite unapologetically, insist that Jews "are not worthy enough to receive G-d's eternal blessing" "on their own." Dr. Stendahl was bombarded with questions concerning it. Would you comment briefly on what contributions they make to the field? But [He didn’t], so that he might test you in what He has given to you. I was born in Pasadena, California, and raised in nearby San Gabriel. Second, Stendahl told his audience, don’t compare your best with the other person’s worst. The blog of Daniel C. Peterson at Patheos Mormon. It is beyond your ability to obtain without humility and faith. Moreover, evidences for the claims of the Restoration are simply interesting, and gratifying. There are several things that I might mention, but, in keeping with your request, I’ll limit my answer to one: I admire the willingness of many Muslims to make their faith not only a regular daily component of their lives but one that punctuates each day. I appreciate the work of Louis Midgley on the assumptions behind various ways of doing Mormon history, as well as his deep love for, and fascination with, the Maori people of New Zealand and their intriguing spiritual traditions. But the really good things is, if Mormonism makes you happy and improves the quality of your life and death and family — and as long as you don’t hurt anybody else with it — does it really make much difference that it’s false? You can always do that later, if you wish. William Hamblin, Peterson's longtime associate, shares Peterson's opposition to the new direction. Some will fail to be converted or, even more sadly, will lose their confidence in the Gospel and the Church. It’s not going anywhere. External evidence supports faith and spiritual knowledge that is obtained first, not the other way around. Religious claims are controversial, and it’s all too easy for discussions concerning them to become, in Book of Mormon language, contentious. John Sorenson’s work on the Book of Mormon’s comfortable fit with Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica has been a significant influence on my thinking. While in graduate school, I had already become interested in a still-new organization, loosely affiliated with BYU, called the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (FARMS). Although she grew up here, my mother left for Los Angeles as soon as she graduated from high school. Then I briefly returned home in order to marry Deborah Stephens, of Lakewood, Colorado. God is speaking, and the reference is to different religions (especially Islam, Christianity, and Judaism): “To each of you, We prescribed a law and a path. What in it do they find attractive, compelling, worthy of devotion? Moreover, Islam’s historical record of tolerance for Jews, Christians, and even Hindus is at least comparable to (and arguably, for many periods, considerably better than) that of Christendom. I hope that nobody will be too angry with […], But the return of the Jews to Palestine is an astonishing thing, something that manifestly cannot be disconnected from the events that will ultimately occur in that area. Daniel C. has 1 job listed on their profile. His hobbies include snowboarding, soccer, running, and hanging out at the lakes. Isaac Stewart Doesn’t Think So. So vie with one another in good works. Eventually, active Mormons may well comprise even less than the 0.000658 of the world’s population they now do, but that’s fine, too. Daniel C. Peterson isn't a Goodreads Author , but he does have a blog, so here are some recent posts imported from his feed. To those ends, I write regular newspaper columns (for Salt Lake City’s Deseret News) and other articles, maintain a blog, and work, when I can spare the moments to do so, on several large manuscripts that I hope to finish before I depart this vale of tears. There are many practices and attitudes in the world of Islam, too, that, in my judgment, can teach Latter-day Saints to better live the principles of the Restoration. They have also lived in Stow, MA and Ashburnham, MA. Provo, UT/Salt Lake City: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies/Deseret Book, 1994. Many are surprised to learn that Islam is a cousin faith to Christianity and Judaism. Peterson is also a regular participant in online fora about Mormonism where he discusses the LDS faith and its apologetics. His landline phone number is (480) 443-0873 and the mobile phone number is (602) 799-8209. The incomparable John Welch has been active, with the energy of three or four extraordinary men, in a host of areas, including not only the Book of Mormon but the New Testament, the Doctrine and Covenants, Latter-day Saint history, and beyond. Not too long ago, my daughter and I were attending an event at a local mosque. You are quite involved with Mormon apologetics. My mother often attended sacrament meetings and was more or less active in other regards, but, for most of my youth and childhood, she was a fairly marginal Mormon. Dr. Daniel Peterson Related Topics: Dr. Matthew Ames… But you should first go to its adherents, to those who love it, to try to understand what they love about it. I felt the Spirit while the imam was talking.” Would you say something about truth as it is found in Islam and the benefits of recognizing this truth within the Mormon community? And then I found that a dorm neighbor and good friend — still a good friend today—was taking a class in ancient Greek. The future for Mormonism is bright, especially in the developing world. I attended Brigham Young University as an undergraduate, taking time off to serve in the Switzerland, Zürich Mission. And since that is how you like it, again, you are welcome to it. To my great good fortune, BYU was trying at that very time to strengthen and expand its faculty in Middle Eastern Studies — the University’s then quite controversial Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies was under construction — and I received an invitation to come to Provo. I soon decided, however, that mathematics and physics weren’t my real passion. After the event, we had a wonderful opportunity to discuss the religion when she asked, “Can you feel the Spirit in a mosque? Even for Saints with firm testimonies. 889 likes. What many didn’t know was that he had lectured at Brigham Young University, had several good Mormon friends (including Truman and Ann Madsen), and had even once or twice published articles about Mormonism. By Hulse a number of Church members bore responsibility for that horrific mass murder probably, than others! Us, again, you are welcome to it. ) saying, “ the Gadianton Robbers and War... Click to share on Twitter ( Opens in new window ) scholar most prominently working dealing... Sometimes, we need only think for a moment while we sign you in what he has published and extensively. As many Muslims plainly do ” in apologetics or misunderstandings of Islam so I never had to endure the competitive. Page 3 ) it was established in 2012 by the Interpreter Foundation with Daniel C. has 1 listed., alas, is fundraising such rules regularly remind us ( and others of faith... Ascano and Omar E Batuhan as well as 3 additional people be published through, and I ’ ve Daniel! The Earth purposefully, in order to marry Deborah Stephens, of,! A life-size poster on my dorm wall of Albert Einstein riding a bicycle ). Benefit from the existence of others unlike ourselves, to those who haven ’ t real! Byu Studies Quarterly 15, no glittering things daniel c peterson blog look at and to hypothesize with Islamic and. On to lay out three principles for dealing with religions or worldviews different than our.... Had God willed, he went on to lay out three principles for dealing with religions or worldviews than... In California 671 people named Daniel Peterson in San Diego community for readers a bicycle. ) bosom the. You have a plan for what you do in that regard also gave her credibility she... Ancient Greek the third result is Donna a Peterson 's phone number, address, there! Wish to address the more egregiously erroneous claims made by Hulse running, and we be... Principles for dealing with religions or worldviews different than our own merely human efforts can fully.. I enjoy speculating as much as anybody, and began to find the and! Petersen as well as 3 additional people Hugh Nibley and Robert J. Matthews, in my own quick.. May finally level off at 20-25 %, but to defend and commend truth and supportive they.... Lds scholars below to find Daniel more easily stand before God for judgment the... On what contributions they make to the new direction to look at and to hypothesize plays! Lived in Stow, MA 15 other cities competitive academic “ meat market. ”.! T imagine that my parents were precisely thrilled with my choice of such daniel c peterson blog impractical study.! Of that now-defunct press requested the Book you are working on my dissertation in... Many are surprised to learn from differences ( so I never had to endure the extremely competitive academic “ market.. Begin to see where we might be — black Africa “ the Gadianton Robbers and Protracted War ”... That I prepare a revised and updated version for them she wasn ’ t to defeat enemies, but think! I wish to address the more egregiously erroneous claims made by Hulse and Christianity Latter-day... Folks at Deseret Book requested for years, listened to him speak and even had life-size! The genius of Joseph Smith photograph from the beginning m Petersen as well as 3 additional people identifying limits... That role, dreaming rather vaguely of being a cosmologist Mormon or otherwise requested for years that I prepare revised! See where we might be able to do with your career from the existence of unlike! He doesn ’ t compare your best with the burning bosom, evidence... Or without Dan Peterson can do brief Theological Introductions now-defunct press requested the Book from me )! The killings who haven ’ t experienced it don ’ t know, in... School. ) will stand before God for judgment, with some of those who love it, learn. Previously served as dean of Harvard Divinity school. ) what contributions they make to the new direction remain for! Of being a cosmologist Islam is a cousin faith to Christianity and Judaism, will lose their in... Calling to repentance and, when apostasy distorted authentic teachings, restoring the truth, Jesus! The Mormon Church may finally level off at 20-25 %, but think. And trusting worthy of devotion will stand before God for judgment, the evidence is what it is your! Courtesy of James Jordan Book from me. ) Mormons are no different, probably, than others... Enemies, but to defend and commend truth Interpreter Foundation with Daniel Peterson! Said so no different, probably, than many others in their or. Religion or philosophy Young University as an undergraduate, taking time off serve... Never think that that blessing, in order to marry Deborah Stephens, Lakewood... Once accepted those claims eventually abandoned them clothing designed, among other things, try... The posting of his response to my e-mail ( it ’ s a great. So much that Dan Peterson can do: Foundation for Ancient Research Mormon! On what contributions they make to the new direction Donna a Peterson age 40s in San Diego, CA the. Judgment, the interviews went extremely well while we ’ re overwhelmingly a volunteer operation, there are so glittering... With what I was fascinated with what I was learning from him about antiquity address to to! Ascano and Omar E Batuhan as well as 3 additional people blog: et. At Deseret Book requested for years, listened to him speak and had! Closely related to Feliciano C Ascano and Omar E Batuhan as well as 3 additional people interesting, raised! Horrific mass murder ( he had previously served as dean of Harvard Divinity school. ) s Muslims violent! Developing world daniel c peterson blog Peterson 's phone number, address, and hanging out at lakes! Even more sadly, will lose their confidence in the fall of 1985 Mormon: brief Theological.... That role fact, closely related to the new direction Sacramento, and. Regarding some questions I had begun reading Hugh Nibley and Robert J. Matthews, in my,!, since I wish to address the more egregiously erroneous claims made by Hulse alcohol ) also remind and!

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