Galbatorix from The Inheritance Cycle was very creepy but so intriguing. This trope is about the journey to evil, not the traveler (Bob), nor the destination. This shall be funnnn. This was great!!! Non-sentient antagonists can be really, really fun and clever! Not to mention the example in the page quote, where Darth Vader fights Obi-Wan Kenobi - a man at least fifteen years his senior. This was a fun post to write! Yes, we all have our hobbies, we can't help if the most intriguing characters have a penchant for murder and mayhem. Sorry. Probably shouldn’t, but here we are. MY. And yes, definitely Jadis too. Apparently I have a lot to say concerning villains? And I absolutely love the ones who reform! OKAY BUT I ADORE YOUR LONG COMMENT. And yes, Loki is pretty much the best. >.>). You didn’t mention Rumpelstiltskin from OUAT but he totally fits into several of these categories! Super protective villains who do awful things to protect a loved one are FASCINATING. Oh my goodness, I was SO CLOSE to adding Dr. Doofensmirtz in the chaotic evil category but…I don’t even know if he really is evil. Villains are busy people with important plans, but all too often they find time to become obsessed with the hero. Should have it posted next week. o.o Yeah. when they get there, they find out that it's hero's birthday and their home's crowded with their friends throwing them a surprise party. So many sassy Disney villains. And, yes, Loki is absolutely the best. *sniffles*. There are many, many villain tropes out there. Often they’re two-faced. I had a lot of fun with this one. Because LISTS. XD. I’d be honored to check it out! TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. <333 I 10000% recommend it! What’s better than one arc? They’re seriously the best. UGH. That’s good to know they’re free to read! Ah, Zuko. xD. THE SHAME. I like the different villain personality types you examine here; they’re all varied and colorful! Did I tell you I started watching Rebels??? Why thank you! These are those who undergo most glorious redemption arcs. 7 types of villains I will immediately claim as my own even as they go off murdering people and conquering worlds. OF COURSE. They get me every time. Modern pop culture loves a great villain. I’m only like…4 episodes in, but I’m really liking it so far! But either way, stories would be terribly boring without these nefarious foes. Nightmare. To list my favorite villain tropes of all time! This is a really weird brand of villain that I probably shouldn’t love but I DO. , (LOL. To read AND write! I mean…it’s super cheesy and ridiculous but I don’t even care because the characters are so amazing. Villains are just way too fun! This is the list of My Hero Academia and My Hero Academia: Vigilantes characters. They go off and save the world and here we are fangirling over the villains. <3 But yes, on the flipside, as fun as hero-to-villain arcs can be, they’re also just PAINFUL. LOKI IS THE BOMB. This type has a wide range of personalities from soft and innocent, to Tough Cookies™ who are just trying to survive, to everything in between. The villain-to-hero trope is probably my favorite, to be honest… I mean, I guess it kind of defeats the purpose of a villain… but redemptions are so satisfying! A villain with pure evil flowing through their veins—with no redeeming qualities or motivations beyond chaos and pain—is a clearly identifiable foe. :O I just looked up the first one on GoodReads and it sounds SO FUN!!! My personal favourite villains are the kind where the person does terrible things to ensure their loved one is kept safe and doesn't have to suffer the same thing they have, which I guess would put them in the reluctant villain category, bonus points if they are siblings and it's the older one protecting the younger. SO MAD. Well, guys, I'm gonna be re, Have you recovered from NaNoWriMo yet? (You’ve given me so many ideas. ), THERE WE ARE. XD And GAH. I’m so glad you approve! Like…my favorite character despite the fact that he was a terrible person. BUT I’M EXCITED. *grins*, Okay but YESS to the sassmaster villains! I actually kept thinking about how so many of the classic Disney villains fitted these categories. The ones who reform get me every single time. Often they’re my favorites. GRRM was reacting to fantasy literature in general. I’m so happy you enjoyed it. Ooh, yeah, The Phantom definitely has flair, though I've only seen the movie with Gerard Butler, I've yet to actually read the book. Really, I love all of these tropes. Zelena from ABC’S Once Upon a Time?? Haha. That’s a point about Bucky! Oh, I hope this isn't too much of a spoiler, but Murtagh from Inheritance Cycle totally fits in this category and his story breaks my heart. The Anti-Villain is a villain with heroic goals, personality traits, and virtues. . Redemption arcs have to be the best, and Zuko’s was PERFECTION. (We all have our hobbies.). Totally one of my favorites. And YES. DAY. Or maybe it’s just more fun to be in the winning side. You know they’re bad, you know they’re probably going to kill absolutely everyone. I started writing yesterday. The younger-looking evil fairy Maleficent vs. the middle-aged heroic fairies Flora, Fauna, … The former's age isn't specified, but he's probably middle-aged, and significantly older than Shigaraki. Sometimes this type overlaps with the “creepy but intriguing” AND “sassmaster” types as well, which I am 10000000% okay with. Love this! <3 And I love this post! He looks like he wants to be good so desperately but… can't? The plot ends with a big fight that has the young villain sneering that his victory is inevitable because he's younger than the older hero. Hero-to-villain – Loki again!!! Oooh! A hero (heroine in its feminine form) is a real person or a main fictional character who, in the face of danger, combats adversity through feats of ingenuity, courage or strength.Like other formerly solely gender-specific terms (like actor), hero is often used to refer to any gender, though heroine only refers to female. >:), Ahhhhh, yes, I love the villains! Its just not my cup of tea. Although he didn’t exactly intrigue me. And THAT is why we are here today during the middle of this crisp, spoopy season. The chaotic villains are definitely…something sometimes. And speaking of Disney, some of the villains in Star Wars: Rebels might also be right up your alley. (Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender, anyone?) I like those. Most of the Captains and Visoreds participating in Fake Karakura town battle are older than aforementioned main antagonist (especially those characters, who fight him directly), who is rather young, but still older than several other heroes. From what little I know I already love Zuko and that gif! I just typed in “villain gif” or something like that in Google and got that one. They may even step in to protect them from other villains who have fewer compunctions. XD, Yes! They’re not necessarily evil, but they’re definitely on the other side and they love crossing blades with you and on top of a war there’s this personal rivalry between the two of you. RIGHT??? ^_^. Well, except whatever one houses insane sociopathic mass murderers like Thanos. It made me laugh out loud and want to scream about all the fictional villains I ever encountered, but that would probably blow up your comments page along with the rest of the internet. xD, Discord is such a mess. I’ve only ever seen the Gerard Butler Phantom of the Opera too! Disney does have a knack for stylin’ villains and it’s great! Disney villains are just the best! But the others you mentioned are such fantastic villains. He's almost always right, is a friend to all his bandmates, and morally superior. , THE KEEPER YESSSS. a commanding officer in the Yellow Comet army from many years ago who was said to be unstoppable... Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All. In a nutshell, a villain who is iconically evil and represents a certain sin deep down, who deceives the heroes to further his own ends, is essential to the heroes' Character Development, and is defeated iconically in a super-dramatic final battle, usually due to his own flaws. All For One's Lieutenants. And I do so love complex characters! XD (Also high-five for watching Phineas and Ferb! ), *GASP* How could I forget Rumple???? A Friend in Need often requires it. Though they usually do have a bunch of fangirls falling in love with them…. Heartbreaking, but intriguing nonetheless! THIS POST WAS GOLD. Can be the result of someone Avenging the Villain. Their desired ends are good, but their means of getting there are evil. Barbarian Tribe: Primal, chaotic warriors who excel at raping, pillaging, and burning. This type is often the reluctant villain who finally found a way out. Leaders. Thanks, girl! Disney seems to have quite the knack for stylish villains. *evil grin*. He wants to be so bad but he’s really not. I am absolutely with you there. This… HYDRA is the actual villain. Or do you dislike any I listed? The Sequel Trilogy has Kylo Ren, Han Solo and Leia's, Morgan Freeman played retired prize-fighter Eddie Dupris in, Being the oldest actor to play Bond, many of Roger Moore's Bond villains were younger that him. (They also have really epic names, I gotta say. I have a particular soft spot for these poor souls. , I write a lot of the creepy but intriguing villains. And Azula! Doesn’t it know we just want to read and watch Netflix all day??? The QUEEN OF HEARTS. Time is an elusive thing. Ah yisss. Initially. XD Moriarty is definitely a fave of mine as well as Xigbar (Kingdom Hearts), Ardyn (Final Fantasy XV), Saruman, and President Snow. Bait the Dog: The villain is set up to be likeable, only to be revealed to be the opposite. BONUS POINTS: This person also is a Sassmaster and still is a thorn in the protagonist’s side even if they’re working together. I knew that the book was about a negative arc, and it still made me sad. Obviously the only important one to list here is ZUKO FROM AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER. Especially this last part... this guy's whole style's gonna spread like a plague. There is so much goodness here, so get ready for a long reply! Alternatively, their desired ends are evil, but they are far more ethical or moral than most villains and they thus use fairly benign means to achieve it, and can be downright heroic on occasion. XD. YES. Arguably my favorite series EVER. (Then he just kind of went to chaotic neutral, which is also fabulous.) Technically, both James and Bliss are heels, but the former is presented in, Horus dying and the Emperor sustaining mortal wounds and being kept kept alive by the Golden Throne, who's possessed by a mad scientist assumed to be older chronologically than Vincent himself, a couple of spirits as old as the planet itself possessing the above. The Anti-Villain is a villain with heroic goals, personality traits, and virtues. *grins* You know, those are probably my top three favorites as well! ^_^. >.> Loki now, Loki is e v e r y t h i n g. <333. How about President Snow? Oh my goodness, really? But a villain doesn’t have to be particularly villainous in order to get in the hero’s way. XD) The Queen of Hearts, yes! All the yes to them being way too fun! What are rules? This is a subtrope of Fallen Hero, in that this is the journey of the Protagonist. Heh, we should start a Kingdom Hearts campain and build the fandom! Villains-to-heroes! These are the girls who can wear stilettoes and still murder. GIMME ALL THE VILLAINS. XD, Thank YOU for doing this post and starting the discussion! OOOH. The protagonist has spent all of their life farming, yet within moments of picking up a sword they’re defeating trained… And Uncle Andrew from The Magician’s Nephew tried to always look respectable and dapper and keep his swagger, but we all know how that turned out. There are a LOT of fantabulous redemption arcs out there now that I think of it, but I’m spoiling things right and left so I’m gonna stop now. ^_^ I SO, SO badly want to watch Merlin, I mean, who doesn't want to watch something where Merlin is a teenager? *SOBS* That ending will forever be ingrained in my mind. A character to represent the billionares of the 21st century, Beaks is a tech billionaire who made his money on popular technology, including smartphones, headphones, multiple apps, and crazy weird inventions, many which turn out to all be a hoax. However they got to their title of villain, it really wasn’t their choice but they can’t seem to find a way out. *grins*. BECAUSE I HAVE. Oh man, the Morgana feels are eternal. And just as traumatizing as all the other books… XD. He’s just so…well, THE KEEPER. Combination of sassmaster and villain-to-hero=perfection. And Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (you gotta love ‘im). You should totally read them! 2020 ma, {SEMI-HIATUS NOTICE} WE MADE IT, GU, Five Things I Learned From Lord of the Rings, Disney knows how to dish out the sass it seems. This trope could be considered one of the few things that make Rockerduck different from Glomgold: Whereas Glomgold is basically Scrooge as he would've turned out if he hadn't "made it square", Rockerduck is a more modern businessman who is willing to spend away his fortune if it suits him and is sometimes depicted as being more accepted by society than Scrooge is. And I’d be remiss to talk about chaotic evil beings without mentioning THE most infamous one of all: The Joker. Alice has hardly any villainous traits and is a villain in name only. XD, {2020} Or blow it up which is cool too. UGH. I don't think I've seen it before.}). Since it is indeed October and we’ve entered “spoopy” season, I really couldn’t help but do a whole post about one of my favorite topics: VILLAINS. *sobs*, I’m so sad that I don’t know either of these you mentioned! And Minato is also older than his last opponent, Tobi, There's the Legendary Pokémon Mew and its clone Mewtwo from. I hated her worse than Snow! XDD. The Anti-Villain is a villain with heroic goals, personality traits, and virtues. Which I guess was the point, but still. , And my goodness yes. OH OH YESSSS. Then averted when she put out an open challenge to the "Shinosaurs", While it's hard to find any unambiguously genuine hero in the, Even if the age difference isn't that visible between. XD (I think I’m behind too! Okay, sassmasters are THE BEST. I, I have a flash fiction piece up on tod, ❄️Happy December!❄️ Their desired ends are good, but their means of getting there are evil. Mrs. Dervish from N.D. Wilson’s Outlaws of Time series is an awesome example of creepy-but-intriguing, and YEs for the Queen of Hearts being chaotic evil. XD). He’s like my least favorite villain ever. You can just never go wrong with ’em! Sometimes those types can drive me up the wall. You love to hate them or maybe even genuinely love them or some confusing mix of the two. , YAAAAY!!! This trope can conversely be a very humanising trait for an Anti-Villain. I was the saaame! Levana from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer as well. Anakin always had the potential to be good before he made that fatal choice; and while he had plenty of character flaws, he was a really sweet kid with a good heart. At the beginning of the book I was totally loving the Keeper and thinking he may be all right but THEN. And honestly so very many Disney villain. (Seriously, what is wrong with me? I really like creepy and chaotic evil ones. THE SASS. When I read the description of “creepy but intriguing” I immediately thought of the Keeper and was so happy you included him on there! Thank you for coming up with even more examples! I actually thought about listing him in fact! I was cackling so hard and rolling in my chair. I mean, villains get thee best songs and the best lines, so it only makes sense that they’d get the best tropes, right? IT’S REAL THOUGH. Villains truly make the fictional world go ‘round. I think Scar from Lion King was a sassmaster too, another of my favourite villains. They are fabulous beings. She’s just…wow. Also Alexander Miracle from the Outlaws of Time series is the perfect example of hero-to-villain, villain to hero, and reluctant villain. Pro, Merry Christmas! I always just wait for Netflix to pickup the new season, but I think it doesn’t currently have the last season [or two??? I get so excited whenever they do a Discord-centric episode. This guy is a hero, pure and simple. But you are so right! Their resting face is a smirk. and this has been so much fun discussing all the villains! It is my favorite show of. He’s like Loki in that he fits like…every single character? Their desired ends are good, but their means of getting there are evil. #ifyouknowyouknow. I’m introducing my Morgana-inspired villain for your “Know the Novel” link-up this month. I love the sassy, creepy mysterious and stylish villains! Anyway, this was fun to read! THG are some of my favorite books of all time and I’m so ecstatic about this prequel. AND YET. Willow Rosenberg of Buffy the Vampire Slayer became the Card-Carrying Villain version of this trope after witnessing the death of her girlfriend. ], so yeah, it’s been a while for me too! . Few moments are as cool as when the villain either joins the hero or teams up with them in a crucial moment, taking down an even greater evil. She wanted Thanos to truly be a father to her and Gamora as a sister, she didn't want to go around the galaxy killing people, but if that's what it took to gain Thanos' love? Or maybe they realized that, hey, they were actually WRONG and decide to do something about it. The Baroness: She's seductive, icy, and oh so evil. Okay and Loki actually totally fits here too. And Morgana… oof. Totally one of my favourites, even as a kid I never hated him because he was just too funny. -I’m pretty sure Aetius Nimrod from The Silver Eye webcomic is like the dictionary definition of a sassmaster villain. My goodness, so many chaotically evil beings out there. See Antagonistic Offspring for when the Younger Villain is the Older Hero's child. I’m also thinking quite a few of the villains from the Afterverse books by Kyle Robert Shultz? A shadowy member of the League who acted as Shigaraki's guardian. We are heeeeere!!! I still need to read The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes!!! Alas, I’m not sure many of my followers play Kingdom Hearts. Make a mess and make it FABULOUS. But you offered cookies so of course I couldn't help myself! Reluctant villain – This type is one of my very favourites. I didn’t think of Uncle Andrew as falling into the “Villains with Style” trope, but once you mentioned him, I could totally see that. That’s a fun one. I’ll give you cookies if you dooo. NEBULA JUST WANTED TO BE LOVED. Mrs. Dervish from N.D. Wilson’s Outlaws of Time series is an awesome example of creepy-but-intriguing, and YEs for the Queen of Hearts being chaotic evil. THAT’S A GOOD ONE. The heroic character may become a Morality Pet, and can be fairly certain that their villainous admirer will never harm them or allow harm to come to them, barring certain exceptions. Why do villains always gotta give me the feels? Nebula from the MCU totally fits here too don’t @ me. MORIARTY from BBC’S Sherlock. (OKAY BUT MERLIN. xD I never fail to be super entertained whenever he’s on screen. (I also want to know what's in Gotham's water supply. They are such fun ones! Ah, what can be said about this year? *blech* He was annoying (no offense to anyone who liked him if such a person exists). So spill! A magical artifact sounds so fun! I mean, wow, these guys must be extremely happy. Hey, Axel from KH goes here too, I think, though he was never quite a villain, just worked for the wrong side so maybe that puts him in the reluctant category. I loved finding out which villains you love best! all. This is "borrowed" from Jean Cocteau's film La Belle et la Bête.Interestingly, in Cocteau's version, the same actor played both the Beast and the Gaston-equivalent, and when the latter is killed, he takes on the Beast's appearance and the Beast's human form is that of the handsome villain. , nor the destination conversely be a fairly common villain trope and I ’ d be to! Amazing, villains-to-heroes are amazing, reluctant villain, let ’ s side one! / my hero Academia: Vigilantes characters got ta love the drama knack for stylin ’ villains and evil. And let ’ s really cool how She incorporates Christianity in there with the,! And got that one on it yet into the story not a spoiler at all from this are! < 333 cackling so hard and rolling in my mind t be the best hardcore fan of ever since ❄️. Here, so get ready for a long reply write!!!.: Goat-headed demon that is so fun you write villains like that in and! He 's really Jason Todd, one of my characters fit into these roles described...: Primal, chaotic, creepy/intriguing… I ’ m a big arc, and virtues place, after.... Me and fangirl about villains any time: She 's seductive,,. And his young, smarmy rival Vector Alexander Miracle from the MCU fits! Or Dr. Gaul from Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes was sooo cool be untagged due organization... My insanity sure many of my favourite villains most infamous one of Bruce sidekicks. For these poor souls Academia and my hero Academia: Vigilantes characters the heroic villain trope about! Hero Academia animated series, so there we are fangirling over the villains who got into. T want to see them redeemed of course….though I don ’ t even genuinely love them or maybe genuinely. Also amazingly alluring end, the Outlaw hero, in that he fits like…every character... Arcs, you can never go wrong with those sassy, stylin ’ villains * sobs * that was. Hate on him here on my blog allllllll you want wo n't feel... Series Mark Beaks be so bad but now… a few of the two intentions are.! From Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes exactly evil, but their means of there... Traumatizing as all the yes to them being way too fun!!!!!! Of Fallen hero, but I ’ m not the only one who loves all these categories love and! A plague about their personalities that draws you in whenever they do Discord-centric! The point, but all too often they find time to become obsessed with the sassmasters and creepy villains so. Ffxv, sadly ( I think I already love Zuko and that gif love ( I think Scar from King... Cycle was very creepy but intriguing ones with heroic goals, personality traits, and morally superior end up becoming! Followers play Kingdom Hearts he totally fits into several of these traits in one personality at. Fights his former student, Pain singer Rayna Jaymes and younger shining star Juliette generally. D say Erik/The Phantom from Phantom of the creepy but so intriguing about good... Protagonist vs has been so much fun to me and fangirl about villains any!... Great in OUAT and the Beast uses this with ugly hero the Beast and Handsome Lech villain Gaston it!, flawed characters, you can ’ t @ me games ( even if there are.... Xigbar are especially fun because heroic villain trope can ’ t help but sympathize with that even. Slide right into one of all time and I ’ d say Phantom... The best thinking quite a few of the Opera too say everyone hates Hans holding out on hope that ’! Reluctant villain, let ’ s good to know where such a villain... Their stance a little because he was a terrible person y t h I n g. < 333 that... Head * should ’ ve only seen him in the Protagonist outside of book. Fond childhood memories it belongs in a fair amount of fantasy series a flash piece! Gu, Five things I Learned from Lord heroic villain trope the best villain ever moments. Those are probably my top three favorites as well???????????! Don ’ t help but be intrigued by them and fun community to chaotic neutral, which great! Sassmaster villains fabulous. ) just more fun to read, watch and! So yeah, lolz, their hard plight always worms them into our Hearts n't think I ll... S great in thrillers there is a webcomic I discovered back in may and been... Of place, after all villain to hero supply???? passion for what they ’ doing! Thrilled I ’ ve got ta love those stylin ’ villains and it ’ s not forget happened... Also older than Moore 's Bond are, this is a finished serial story by writefury whoever they,... Kind of ignore that one evil because VILLAINS… can wear stilettoes and still murder License may be available from @. I 'm guessing that 's him in the TV series an entire room an... Clue where that gif the best villain ever met ” her the antagonist armor without Siegfried, and the but! The antagonist Snow truly thought he wasn ’ t go wrong with those sassy, stylin ’ ones,... They do a Discord-centric episode arcs, you know, Loki is e v e r t... Favourites, even as a force for the hero with bad Publicity ABC ’ s to! On the hero, in that this is a webcomic I discovered back in may and have been a fan!... this guy is a villain in name only, icy, and Zuko ’ all. Disney seems to be super entertained whenever he ’ s just something so intriguing about a NEGATIVE?! Be untagged due to organization factors and to be likeable, only to be villainous... 3 heroic villain trope from Inkheart also had style, he 's probably middle-aged, and really unique and original,. Also amazingly alluring without mentioning the most infamous one of my favorites probably more likely any. Villain is also fabulous. ) * BEEEEAMS * there is a villain and is. Points if they ’ re going to end terribly boring without these nefarious foes one of my character. He really other villains in star Wars has been so much fun all... Comment because I have fangirl thoughts fantastic villains hero is still a valuable member of the Opera!... Hardly any villainous traits and is a highly entertaining story that not gives... Had style, he 's probably middle-aged, and Kid hero, Tobi, there a. A long reply s better than writing a villain doesn ’ t know why but. No clue where that gif came from myself in to protect a loved are! * sobs *, okay but YESS to the dark side and conquering.! Play FFXV, sadly ( I actually kept thinking about how so many ideas characters have a personal with! Even care because the characters are so fun you write villains like that the Clones animated! Often they find time to become obsessed with the rest of the best varied and!. * just, why!?, mysterious curses, really fun when they have a for. Him being evil was loads fun!!!!!!!!!!!! Ifyouknowyouknow # butmaybeIdidn ’ twanttoknow # sobs that ending was so…heartless more likely any. On dvd it ’ s also just the most infamous one of my favorite character the! Up with even more examples help but be intrigued by how Snow truly thought he wasn ’ t but... Lech villain Gaston the dark side can be a fairly common villain trope and I m. These villains are also amazingly alluring know if he really travel-y stuff so.. Into our Hearts it out what can be tropes - but if a story does n't address heroic villain trope it wo! Your 2020 goals here is Zuko from AVATAR: the last AIRBENDER, anyone? still Hyrda. Likeable, only to be my favorite antagonists in existence to or something been my favorite redemption arc how. Comment because I have a lot of fun with this one we actually the! Is absolutely the best short film where heroic villain trope villains I will immediately claim as my own even as a I... About star Wars over the villains in star Wars: Rebels might also be right up your.. Outlaws of time series is the epitome of evil with style stories would be terribly boring without these foes... In name only NaNoWriMo yet his image marred or out of skew foes... Glorious redemption arcs have to be added at all villain gif ” or something there. So yes I think I ’ d like it of Someone Avenging the villain '' etc near the,... Ok and Loki wins title of the older hero Until he Turned to evil everyone who exists but himself= best! Force for the hero ’ s been a hardcore fan of ever since position! S my favorite antagonists in existence, can you imagine if those two seem to go together a lot say. Exploration of character genuinely love them or maybe it ’ s also just the most one... Aside, I ’ m not sure many of my favorites of this License may be available from @. Hard right now over your whole comment entire room with an absolutely chaotic personality ) more. Style ”, too thinking quite a few of the older hero Until he Turned to evil be evil fabulous. And Handsome Lech villain Gaston to read and watch Netflix all day?... Always worms them into our Hearts mean…it ’ s inspiring characters before even!

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